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Table of Contents

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  2. Meme of the week 
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A thought on managing creative capacity 💡

There's a push and pull that happens at every company... 

Marketers need more creative. Designers are already over capacity. 

Tension and frustration ensue. So, what's a resource-strapped creative team to do? 

Over at Reddit, Monica Benson’s Head of Brand Creative Production suggests asking yourself four key questions when assessing new creative asset requests: 

  • How strategic is the asset to drive the business forward?
  • How does it compete with current projects in the pipeline? 
  • How complex is the execution? 
  • How critical is the delivery? 

If the asset is tactical, simple or low-priority, chances are it can fall into the “self-serve” bucket. If it’s more strategic, complex or critical, the next step is to assess in-house capacity. 

But here’s a thought: Assessing priority shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of a creative lead or DesignOps manager. Marketers should consider these questions in the briefing process, too. And if it’s not strategic, follow up with, “Should we even do it?"

If everyone in the marketing and creative departments got in the habit of asking these questions—of introspecting before requesting—just imagine how much time and frustration could be saved. My money's on A LOT.

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Meme of the week 😂


More food for thought 🍪


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