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Quick, what words come to mind when you look back on 2023? 

I'm willing to bet "AI" is up there. 

Along with the rest of the creative and marketing world, we've been busy figuring out where this tech fits into our workflows, and how we can make the most of it... not just for ourselves, but for our customers, too. 

With the end of the year upon us, we're excited to share our progress and our learningsβ€”200 AI-enhanced design projects later, here's what we've discovered about working with the 'bots. πŸ€–


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  1. Celebrating 200 AI-enhanced projects!
  2. Carousel of the week
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  4. More food for thought

Celebrating 200 AI-enhanced projects! πŸŽ‰

How do you go from using AI here and there to integrating it seamlessly into creative workflows? 

Phillip Maggs, our Creative Director of New Horizons here at Superside, has been hard at work trying to crack this question.

Back in August, he launched our pilot program for AI-Enhanced Creative and has since scaled from 0 to 200 projects. Phil is the first to admit, it's been a learning experience. One of the first things he recognized?

To achieve high-quality design with AI, he needed to augment data sets with targeted information about a brand. That's why he's building an AI design system that bridges the gap between creativity and data.

Here's what it entails: 

  • A brand database that brings together all the creative data points (style guidelines, project specs, pre-existing work etc.) needed to deliver on-brief designs.
  • Prompt engineering that taps into said brand database, helping our creatives get a coherent picture of a brand's content and move faster by generating pre-tailored prompts. 
  • Model training that digs deeper than the prompt level, adapting base models to achieve specific styles and deliver high volumes of on-brand creative. 
  • Creative expertise that's necessary to think through tenuous concepts like brand and guide AI-enhanced design processes from start to finish. 

The result? AI has helped amplify our creative talent, unlocking exponential value for our customers to the tune of 3,744 design hours and $299,525 in costs saved. See how it all breaks down on the blog. πŸ‘‡

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Carousel of the week 🎠


More food for thought πŸͺ


An AI-enhanced advertising campaign 🎨

If you're on the fence about AI in creative processes, let this campaign serve as inspiration. 

Kenneth Prieto, Creative Team Lead at Superside, shares a behind-the-scenes look at how he developed a bold new advertising style for D2L Brightspace.

With a dash of daring and a dab of AI assistance, this campaign shines as brightly as the future D2L is helping its customers build. 

>> See AI in action

A Midjourney prompting deep dive ✍️

If you're sold on giving AI a shot, get started with these Midjourney prompting best practices. 

From setting up the platform to understanding parameters, get a crash course on this handy AI tool (Star Wars prompt examples included!).

>> Action AI yourself


The through line of this whole AI craze? We still need creatives at the helm... 

Maybe more so than ever. So fear not design friends, at least at Superside, we're placing this tech firmly in your hands.

Our AI-Enhanced Creative Team is first and foremost people-powered. Read all about it here. 😊

✨ Stay super,


Cassandra King

Head of Content & Community

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