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Table of Contents

  1. Beat stock imagery with the right prompt
  2. Meme of the week
  3. As seen on Superside socials
  4. As shared by the creative community

Meme of the week 😂


As shared by the creative community 💚


ChatGPT explains how to use ChatGPT ✍️

After watching so many of us try, win and fail with the text generator, OpenAI have finally released some ChatGPT guidelines.

The team advises providing reference texts and splitting complex prompts into subtasks, among other things.

>> Read the guidelines

Be awed by "piece of meat on a fork" 🍖

Who would've guessed a prompt starting with "A piece of meat on a fork --style raw --v6" would've taken the world by storm?

Designer Dogan Ural may not have known how his mostly-AI-generated image would land, but he certainly knew what he was doing when he made it.

Words don't do it justice, so have a look!

>> Learn to make hyperreal images

AI can be as stubborn as anyone 😠

With all the talk of what AI can do, let's talk about what it can't do: Remove the [swear of your choice] peas.

If you need a belly laugh today, look no further.

>> Click to keep the peas


AI can be a confusing space. Yet, there's a battalion of marketers who've fully infused AI into their workflows, and are creating new efficiencies with their artificially-enhanced megaminds.

Join us on January 30th for Unleash AI's Power in Marketing Campaigns & Advertising, and stand towering over your flesh-and-bone counterparts!

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