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Marketers, designers; brothers and sisters... would you like to end the eternal tug of war between creative and marketing this year?

Well, at our December Gather & Grow, Aligning Marketers and Creatives for Smooth Collaboration, you can. On Thursday, December 14th, at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT, you will know peace. ☮️

The big brains at Dvele will shepherd marketers and creatives to prosperity by zeroing in on different ways to align marketing and design teams, including:

  • Building a shared language that ensures impact
  • Providing feedback that increases collaboration
  • Cultivating a team culture that promotes innovation
  • Creating shared goals that align with business ROI

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Table of Contents

  1. What happens when creative and marketing align?
  2. Laugh of the week
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  4. More food for thought

What happens when creative and marketing align? 🙏

Brands whose designers and marketers are on the same page are capable of some breathtaking work.

This week, we're learning from brands who've used this alignment to elevate their marketing beyond simple engagement—these brands made an experience out of it.

Here's what veteran creative leader Ted Bramble (who hosted another recent Gather & Grow) recommends when building your own brand experience:

  • Activate a flow state for your audience. 🌊 The key to a brand experience is to activate a “flow state:” An activity that’s not so hard it creates anxiety, but not so easy it induces boredom. 

  • Take actual risks. 🚧 Being afraid of failure keeps us from doing the kinds of things that make marketing memorable in the first place.

  • Celebrate your prospect’s individuality. 🙋 The best brand experiences let people show off the parts of themselves they’re proud of. Think of Spotify’s “Wrapped.”

  • Don’t make it a “game” by default. 🕹️ While it’s sometimes appropriate to build a literal game, Bramble warned marketers and creatives not to confuse play with gamification alone.

  • Consider what your audience *actually* wants. 😉 In B2B, think of how you can help your prospect impress their boss. For B2C, think about the gap in their life/lifestyle your product or service might fit. And most importantly...

  • Make the experience for YOU first. 👈 If you can imagine yourself having fun with an idea for a branded experience, it’s a sign you’re on the right track. 

Words of wisdom no doubt, and exactly the kind of insight you can expect from our upcoming G&G!

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Laugh of the week 😂


More food for thought 🍪


Make ALL your creative relationships work 💑

In an ideal world, every business relationship is a strong one. But for high-performing brands, the relationship with their design partner is critical.

To get the most out of of your partnership, make communication priority #1. How? Read our blog for some practical tips.

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Alignment is dysfunction's boogeyman 👹

Real collaboration happens when bottlenecks, miscommunication and all manner of inconsistency are lifted.

If you haven't read our guide to Bridging the Gap Between Marketing & Design Teams yet, it's a surefire way to start picking those creative and marketing dysfunctions off one by one.

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When marketing and design are on the same page, everyone's happier. The marketers, the creatives, the stakeholders... everything works better when we sit closer together.

So, come snuggle up at our next webinar. It'll be a heartwarming way to end the year! 🤗

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