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AI experts don't think what you think they think about AI. If you can discard the self-appointed LinkedIn gurus—and I think you can—the top minds aren't suggesting you hand the brand keys over to ChatGPT. 

They did, however, share a boatload of AI marketing and design advice you probably haven't heard yet. Self-cloning, giving AI "full disclosure", healthy cynicism... our Infinite Canvas summit was an eye-opener.

Use this wisdom to make your big plan smarter, your output greater, or as a metaphorical lifeboat to prevent you from drowning in work this week.


Table of Contents

  1. What AI experts want you to know about AI: Feed it everything, iterate more than you ideate, trust nothing it gives you
  2. This week in AI: AI ketchup is KEEDKUP, KEUπT, KEMP
  3. Meme of the week: Use AI to get more of this feeling
  4. From our community: The Artist & The Algorithm; a marketing request in the making
  5. On our socials: Photorealistic deepfakes; AI talks to customers (so you don't have to)

7 things AI experts want you to know about AI 🤖

When you prod the biggest and brightest for their advice/hot takes on a hot topic, you're gonna get an earful.

Here's what design and marketing leaders at Microsoft, Google, Figma and more want you to know about using AI on your team.

1. Learn as much as you can about AI tools, with urgency. ⌛ Your job right now is not to have all the answers for your workflow challenges, but to absorb everything you can.

2. Log and report every win. ✍️ Start being transparent about your explorations with AI. Design and marketing need to sell leadership on AI if they want to scale, or even just speed up the tedious stuff.

3. Don’t rely on AI output. ❌ Pore over everything it gives you, and be critical of it. Unless you’ve been in the AI game for a long time, there’s likely too much for AI to absorb about your brand for it to be trustworthy.

4. Feed AI your meetings. 🎙️ AI will be most valuable to marketers when it’s 100% up to date on your brand, and too much critical info is shared verbally. If you’re not involving AI in your meetings, it’s missing context.

5. Make the death of busywork priority #1. ⚰️ We don’t hate admin for no reason—it probably limits the time we have to spend on our core tasks. Use AI internally to reduce, and in time, remove busywork.

6. Lean into AI’s iterative capabilities. 👥 Though much of the current conversation hovers around idea generation, many brands are finding greater success using AI to create multiple versions of their own ideas.

7. Be critical about where you involve AI in design. 🤔 When you’re satisfied that you’ve experimented with a tool enough for one day/week/month, ask yourself if it actually helped you. Plan accordingly.

Want to automate 10% of your pipeline generation? Want to clone yourself to do all the menial tasks you've been avoiding for weeks? Want to learn at least one fricking cool thing that'll make your week easier?

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This Week in AI

7 million bespoke Nutella jars 🌰

What does AI think ketchup is? It's a silly question, but not as silly as the answer: "KETO KUP" and "HOSS HUP", among other things.

This week, we evaluate how some brands are using AI in their ad creative. Some are witty, some are weird, some are just cool.

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Meme of the week 😂


From our community 🎨


The artist vs. the algorithm ⚔️

Before keynoting our summit (watch now, beat the rush) Karen X. Cheng explained what internet fame can do to a lifelong creative.

If your identity is at all entwined with your work, you may want to hear this.

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Shares over likes, says IG 📷

Heads up: Your marketing team is about to ask you to share even more of their stuff than they already do.

The head of Instagram admitted the biggest engagement driver on the platform is shares—not reactions or comments. 

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The best in creative and marketing aren't preaching an AI revolution. We're a far cry from total automation, and most seem to doubt it as the cure-for-what-ails the modern brand.

If they're preaching at all, it's for nuance in how we apply and talk about these tools. Protect your nuance, and deploy it at every turn.

✨ Stay super reasonably balanced,


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