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Corporate video was once about playing it safe. Nothing untraditional; nothing with the potential to raise a stakeholder's brow when looking at the ad or the balance balance sheet.

In the past few years, someone in the big offices finally got the message: Taking chances is the only way to stay competitive. Our feeds are full of chance-takers, and the unremarkable is ignored.

How does a marketing team make sure its videos appease both leadership's need to protect the brand, and their audience's need for interesting content? Is it even possible?


Table of Contents

  1. 7 ways corporate video is flipping the script: Online-only collaboration, "shoppable" videos, micro-content, macro responsibility
  2. This week in AI: AI video production for beginners
  3. Meme of the week: Don't pretend it isn't so, designers
  4. From our community: Sell your 3D cat; Instagram's unskippable video ads
  5. On our socials: Good AI output is labor-intensive; everyone's a creative director now (?)

7 ways corporate video is flipping the script πŸ“ƒ

Of course it's possible. What a ridiculous question. The big players in corporate video right now are simply taking notice of what's trending upwards, and testing it out for themselves.

Our production team has a better handle than most on what brands are wanting out of their video content these days, and shared the recurring themes with us here.

1. Micro-videos and bite-sized content. πŸ‡ Brands don't feel the need to tell the "full story" the way they used to, and it's for the better. They're using short videos and snippets as a lure.

2. Live streaming and interactive videos. ⏺️ You know that advice about engaging an audience with a question halfway through a presentation? Video gets the same treatment. Engaging content literally engages.

3. Shoppable video. πŸ›οΈ A subset of the interactive video trend, shoppable videos hit the sweet spot between retailers and customers. Tags containing product information and purchase links are in the video.

4. Corporate responsibility. 🌎 When altruism pays the bills, altruism gets airplay. 77% of consumers say they'd rather buy from a brand committed to a cause, so brands are putting their cause of choice on full display.

5. Animation & motion graphics. πŸƒ It's standard now to have some visually impressive element in your video branding (beyond your cool logo and most photogenic marketer). Animation and motion are table stakes.

6. Virtual production. πŸ“Ά We need not be in the same room to collaborate anymore. Brands are saving a big buck by having video teams work and workshop their video assets virtually.

7. AI & machine learning. πŸ€– Tedium is the killer of both creativity and productivity. Editing, cataloging, captioning and adapting to platforms is being fast-tracked through AI video tools.

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This Week in AI

How to use AI for video production πŸ“½οΈ

Some folks are using AI to cut their video production as much as 62%. How? Is it even possible?!

Yes. Again. Yes.

Beyond being possible, it's imminently doable for most teams right now. Here's how any curious creative or marketer can start scaling up production by scaling down tedium.

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Meme of the week πŸ˜‚


From our community 🎨


Instagram testing unskippable video ads 😐

Marketers: Get ready to have your user's undivided attention. Instagram has been testing unskippable video ads in certain communities.

Users: Get ready to download an ad blocker for your phone.

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Make 3D product videos on your phone? ↩️

You can make a 3D, 360 video of anything you want to sell with just your phone, courtesy of one French startup.

There is zero chance I won't be trying this out on my cat.*

*for humor, not for profit **

**...unless you're in the market?

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Branded video is changing. It's morphed from 30-second value props on a TV screen into something that reaches viewers where they are at any given moment, physically and mentally.

Brands using the new tech and platforms to their fullest capacity are staking a claim for their audience's attention, and enjoying the limelight in ways the traditionalists are going to kick themselves over.

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