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Well hello, 2024! Weird question, but do you remember 2023? We do. It was kinda hard to miss.

That's why we've rounded up our favorite bits of 2023 for this "Best Of" edition of The Creative Brief. In it, you'll find the Superside content and events you liked the most from 2023.

A feast of the top blogs, videos, memes, webinars, guides and quizzes awaits you! Start your 2024 diet with a cheat day and tuck in...


Table of Contents

  1. Best of events
  2. Best of social
  3. Best of the blog
  4. Best of guides
  5. Best of videos
  6. Best of quizzes

Best of events




Call it recency bias, but our /PROMPT summit this December was a clear favorite among creatives and marketers alike.


With speakers from Microsoft, Jasper, Figma, Wistia and more, /PROMPT: Drive Creative Performance With Artificial Intelligence was the kick in the pants we all needed to start using AI practically in design and marketing.


You can watch the recorded sessions below, if you haven't already. We guarantee you'll learn something that'll make your work with AI (and your work in general) easier.

>> Watch the recordings


Best of social


WINNER: Make It POP πŸ†


Designers hear this so often, we almost didn't include it out of concern for their wellbeing. Funny beats healthy though, so here it is.


Marketers: If you love your creatives, please remove this from your lexicon.

>> See it on IG


Best of the blog


WINNER: Beyond the Brief: A Dazzling TikTok Campaign πŸ†


A campaign that increases TikTok views by 5,124% in three weeks is worth picking apart.


In our pick for the top blog of the year, we broke down how a luxury brand "cracked" TikTok; bridging a generational gap by getting crafty with UGC-style videos.

Speaking with Darren Suffolk, our Creative Director of Video Services, it unpacks the ideas behind the campaign, and outlines how brands can sidestep common marketing barriers with the right type of content.

>> Read it here


Best of guides


WINNER: Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing πŸ†


You probably know attention spans have dropped over the years. But did you know that video shot length has also decreased?


This is the sort of thing that should be informing your video marketing tactics. It's one of a hundred useful tidbits you'll find reading our Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing, if you haven't yet.

Informed by interviews with video marketing experts at Vimeo, Chili Piper and more, it's the best video marketing resource you're going to come across for a long time.

>> Check out the guide


Best of video


WINNER: Day In The Life Of A Graphic Designer πŸ†


Being "creative" for a living has its perks. But we'd be remiss to pretend a lot of it isn't spent on tasks that are less inspiring. Boring, even.


In fact, with the amount of creative most designers need to pull together on a weekly basis, and the amount of marketing feedback on said creative (πŸ˜…), you could excuse a designer for not always *loving* life.


Creatives: If you want to feel seen today, give this one a watch.


>> Watch the video


Best of quizzes


WINNER: Design Leadership Quiz πŸ†


This ain't your average "Which Hogwarts House Are You"-style Facebook quiz.


This is a painstakingly built, methodical examination into your very character as a design leader (or potential leader). The answers are inarguable.


Try to get "Cosmic Creative," it's the coolest one.


>> Take the quiz


What a ride, huh? We hope you've enjoyed the past year with us as much as we have with you.

It's a privilege to be by your side (or in your inbox) in 2024. Now, let's crush it.

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