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Let's continue into the new year with a bit of nuance: AI won't take your job... but it won't do your job for you either. 

Talking with many creatives and marketers about AI, it's clear we're all going to have to be clever with this tech if we want to get something useful out of it.

Unless someone just gave you all the best expert advice on how to use AI in your workflows... and sourced it from creative and marketing industry heavyweights, so you knew it was legit...

That'd just be cheating, wouldn't it? πŸ˜‰


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  1. Put AI in your strategy, not the driver's seat
  2. Meme of the week
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  4. More food for thought

Meme of the week πŸ˜‚


More food for thought πŸͺ


Give ChatGPT your briefs πŸ“‘

Adam Colyer, Co-founder of Giant Cookie and AI Create, suggested a shortcut we're embarrassed we didn't think of ourselves: Give AI that tedious brief.

ChatGPT is great at pulling together summaries of any piece of written content. Plug in a complex brief, and ask it for something more concise.

To see how else AI pros like Colyer suggest including AI in creative workflows, check out the blog. 

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Humanity is now more important, not less πŸ™‡

John Maeda, VP of AI and Design and Microsoft, believes AI tools are making human input more important than ever.

β€œI like to think of artists as innovators," Maeda said in an interview. "It’s something I used to believe in, and now because of AI, I have to believe it even more.”

According to Maeda, if your art already looked AI-ish in style, you'll have to find ways to stand out. But for those with different styles, the hard part is done.

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Midjourney V6 tip: Be delicate πŸ™

Midjourney's emerged from its latest update, and according to Systematiq AI founder Rory Flynn, the new version is far more sensitive to prompt wording.

Detailing his experience with V6, Flynn suggested cutting out fluff in promptingβ€”no utilizing inordinate volumes of inessential verbiage superfluously. 😁

"Be very literal with your prompts," he said, emphasizing Midjourney's goal to give you exactly what you ask for; demanding we be exact as well.

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If there's one thing the AI renaissance has shown us this past while, it's that there's no substitute for human ingenuity, or even common sense. 

For us to squeeze everything we can out of these tools, it's going to take innovation, resources and hard work.

Or you can, you know... just snag all the hot tips from newsletters like this one. 😊

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